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Maintaining Your Property to Perfection

Baton Rouge Residential & Commercial Contracting provides comprehensive property and facility maintenance and repair services with a focus on cost control and expense reduction while preserving the long-term physical and economic value of real estate assets.

BRRCC can provide comprehensive property and facility services with our Total Property Care Programs to satisfy all your maintenance needs.

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Maintenance as an Asset

Too often, maintenance on properties is viewed as a necessary evil – a painful cost of doing business. At BRRCC, we view it as an opportunity – a tool – that allows us to exceed our client’s expectations by providing the following benefits:

Customer service

Providing quality, responsive, cost-effective maintenance of a property not only makes sense from an asset preservation standpoint, but we view it as a part of the foundation of our customer service program.

Tenant retention

Responsive maintenance can be used as a tenant retention tool, a key factor when negotiating lease renewals on multi-family, office and retail properties. The fact is the maintenance personnel or individual may be the person representing management and ownership that tenants interact with the most over the term of their tenancy. Consequently, we hire maintenance staff that are skilled in their trade, but also demonstrate good people skills. They are friendly and caring while productive in their trade.

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